TUO-OUT is a new choreography by Oniin Dance Company created for Althea Dance Company New York. Is an hymn to diversity that celebrates uniqueness.

Every voice, every idea, every body, every smile, every eye's iris are unique...every single person's blessing is unique...it's unique and different!  Refusing diversity means refusing yourself therefore find the courage to share your blessing and accept with love the blessings offered to you by others. 

With TOU-OUT the choreographers Daniela Rapisarda and Alessandro Vacca wanted to praise five different artistic personalities of Althea Dance Company that dance harmoniously together and mix their unique energy without depriving it of its own personality.

Choreographers: Daniela Rapisarda & Alessandro Vacca

Dancers: Thea Bautista - Sarah Le Guenno - Logan Pedon -Nikki Ervice - Liah Jiyoon - Kana Ajimu

Composer music video : Thomas Lentakis

Photography: Oniin Dance Company