Oniin Dance Company

The Italian contemporary dance company was founded in 2012 by Daniela Rapisarda, who is its artistic director and choreographer.

Under her direction the Company has obtained international success and recognition, thanks to the elaboration of a fresh, dynamic and refined style and of a wide and original repertoire created in synergy with the choreographer and dancer Alessandro Vacca, who has been collaborating with the Company from 2012.

A prolific choreographic and creative symbiosis: in 11 years of activity, Oniin Dance Company has produced and released many performances including “Corruption” (2012), “Omaggio a Morricone” (2012), “Oniriko” (2013), “Phonè W” (2014), “Phonè M" (2015), “Taijitu” (2016), “Bataclan/13” (2016) created for the Certificate Program of Peridance Capezio Center, New York.

The Company productions and workshops besides standing out in the European dance scene, have been performed in New York, Seoul, Busan, Miami, Hong Kong, Fukuoka and Shanghai. From 2012 to 2014 the Company has been in residence at the “Teatro delle Celebrazioni” in Bologna (Italy) and currently operates in New York City, with Oniin/2 the pre – professional company of Oniin Dance Company.  

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