Phone' (W)

PHONE' is a production choreographed by Oniin Dance Company's choreographers Daniela Rapisarda and Alessandro Vacca. It's a choreographic triad born in 2014 with “Phonè W” (women), continued in 2015 with “Phonè M” (men) and finished in 2016 with “Phonè WM”.

PHONE' (W) is a short piece danced by three women, premiered in New York (USA)

PHONE' (M) is a short piece danced by three men, premiered in Busan (KOREA)

PHONE' (WM) is an entire production, the result of the fusion of W & M, danced by six dancers, currently in preparation.

Sound is an important complement of art and dance. Using the sound, dancers elaborate the movement, transforming their bodies into musical instruments.

"Phonè" is a choreographic experiment that demonstrates this fascinating phenomenon: a body that spreads sound waves.

The dancers will in fact dance listening to the sound of their bodies, using breath's rhythm, and soft sound pulses, creating a sinuous and liberating dance.

Choreographers: Daniela Rapisarda & Alessandro Vacca

Dancers: Manuela Maugeri - Elisa Solieri - Sara Pennella

Music: Various Artist

Light Designer: Marco Policastro

Costumes Design: Daniela Rapisarda

Photographer: Anton Martynov