TAIJITU is a choreography inspired by the most known symbol of the chinese culture which represents the union of principles in opposition.

Everything exists and functions thanks to the permanent and immutable interaction of two forces, Yin and Yang, which embody every manifestation of life: day – night, sky – earth, positive – negative, black – white, female – male etc.

This bipolarity is totally complementary because even though they are opposite the two forces are never antagonists. When one reaches its apex, the other arises.

Under the same principle the two dancers merge in a suggestive combination of balance and transitions in which one’s action becomes the consequence and the motor of the other one’s movement.

Choreographer: Daniela Rapisarda

Dancers: Alessandro Vacca - Giulia D'Antoni

Music Composer: Thomas Lentakis

Costumes Designer: Daniela Rapisarda

Photographers: Yi-Chun Wu - Daniela Rapisarda