Alessandro Vacca

Artistic career : He starts to study ballet with “Stefan Furjan” (first dancer of Croatian theatre) , who trains him to perform in ballet theatre . Simultaneously he starts to study flamenco , jazz , street dance , hip hop and contemporary/modern , beginning to work in these subjects, too .

Silvia Sisto

Silvia was born in 1993 in Bari. In 2009 she had worked for the Junior Company of “Balletto di Toscana”, directed by Cristina Bozzolini. In 2010 she worked for the “Sens Action” production. In 2010 she took part in the second cast of “Quant’è bella la giovinezza”, dancing choreographies of Eugenio Scigliano and Arianna Benedetti. In “Cromatismi” she danced on Francesco Nappa’s choreographies.

Francesco Ciani

Francesco was born in Marino (Rome) in 1990. He started his dance studies at 15 at the “Istituto superiore di danza” directed by Susanna Serafini. In 2008 he entered with scholarship in “Balletto di Toscana”’s school, under the directorate of Cristina Bozzolini.

Elisa Solieri

Elisa was born in Bologna in 1994. She passed the audition for the “Rome Opera Theatre” school in Rome. She studied at “Balletto di Tocana” school with a scholarship. In 2009 she won the first prize at the dance competition “Eurocity” in Castiglioncello (LI) and also a scholarship for the Rotterdam Academy. In 2010 she won a scholarship for the Broadway Dance Academy in New York.

Vincenzo Minervini

Vincenzo was born in 1992 in Molfetta (Bari). He started his dance studies at eleven years old at “Il laboratorio della danza” school in Molfetta. He took part in lots of competitions, and he won some scholarships, as for the Laban Center of Contemporary Dance in London, directed by Susan Santler.

Sara Pennella

Sara was born in Stignano (MT) the 7th of November 1990. She starts contemporary and ballet studies at ten years old, at “Balletto Lucano” school, directed by Loredana Calabrese. She took part in lots of competitions, as “Pollino dance festival”, in which in 2005 she won the first prize in modern solo.