Alessandro Vacca

Artistic career :

He starts to study ballet with “Stefan Furjan” (first dancer of Croatian theatre) , who trains him to perform in ballet theatre .

Simultaneously he starts to study flamenco , jazz , street dance , hip hop and contemporary/modern , beginning to work in these subjects, too .

He pass the exam of the “National Dance Council of America” , with highest honors, and he price wins an award for the best performance for the year 1995\1996.

He won a scholarship for the international dance festival “ Vignale Danza “ by the "Teatro Nuovo" of Turin and soon he was noticed by the master Luciana Savignano and introduced at the Teatro Nuovo Academy of Turin.

Work experiences :

In 1995/96 he takes part of the company “Teatro Stabile of Catania“ for a Brasilian tournée, dancing solo in “Cavalleria Rusticana “.

He starts to dance in lot's of Italian theatre: “Teatro Massimo Bellini (Catania) , Teatro Scenario Pubblico (Catania) ,Teatro Comunale (Bologna) , Arena Sferisterio (Macerata) , Teatro Carlo Felice (Genova) , Teatro Greco (Roma) , Teatro Ponchielli (Cremona) , Teatro Nuovo (Torino) , Teatro la Fourmì (Lucerna) , Dansens Hus (Stoccolma) , Marocan theatre (Rabat e Casablanca) , Teatro Vittorio Emanuele (Messina) , Teatro delle Saline (Cagliari) “, doing mostly solo parts , 1996/97, 1997/98 , 1999/00 , 2000/01 , 2001/02 .

He dances the part of soloist in lyrical operas played in the most important lyrical theatres: Turandot , Mefistofele , Barbiere di Siviglia ,broadcasted on the national tv during the tv program "Prima della prima"  .

In 1998 is a soloist dancer in the national musicals “Jesus Christ Superstar “ and “ Evita “ for the Teatro della Munizione or Planet Musical with the director Massimo Romeo Piparo staged in major Italian theatre.

A lot of national dance magazines ("Balletto oggi", "prove aperte" ecc.) wrote about Alessandro Vacca.

In 1999 he takes part of “ Compagnia Zappalà Danza “ ex Sicily Ballett , as a soloist dancer. that company has got it's own contemporary repertoire, and it's one of the most important entity of Italian dance, admired by all the European critics.

For "Compagnia Zappalà" Alessandro Vacca danced in the most important choreographic creations of the director Roberto Zappalà: “ Pasolini nell’ era di Internet" , "Mediterraneo l.a.s.d.f." ( in which is the author of some texts ), "Berreto a sonagli" , Progetto Stravinskij - "l'anelito all'unione" , "Time code" , "TZ 001" (with Scala di Milano dancers ) "Les Noces" , "Pulcinella" , "patchwork" , "Quartet Groove" , "Soliloquylit" .

In 2003 he's the director of a dance company composed by twenty dancers, doing the choreograph of national singer Claudio Baglioni's show.

In 2004/05 he's a contemporary thecnique and repertoire teacher for the theatre “ Scenario Pubblico “ of Catania ,involved in the professional school of the “Compagnia Zappalà Danza” with dancers choosen in entire Europe.

Dance at soloist for a important Italian singer “Elisa”. He periodically works with the fashion house “ Ferrera “ as a performer – dancer , and he was the director of many choreographies of fashion's shows.

From 2003 to 2008 he is the director of his own artistic entity, “ Dans Studio “ in Catania, in which he mix up dance teaching and choreographic research proceeding on a personal biology, searching a Modern/contemporary style, heading his students to many professional success. recently he's hosted as a referee from many italian dance meetings and contests next to famous international teachers.

He's own style is a mix up of different kinds of dance grown up in years, crossing dynamism and body lines with everything that concern with the motion's beauty, independently from the style, hip hop , contemporary/modern , ballet , jazz or funk .

From 2007 he does workshops in many Italian and European dance schools, creating with the schools' directors fascinating choreographic projects. In these texting grounds with young talents he improves his hip hop new style and modern-contemporary mature technique, trying to merge them with harmony. In 2007 he takes part as a soloist dancer in the new production of Roberto Zappalà , "Instrument 1", a pièce composed by seven male dancers coming from the entire Europe. the show is put up in the most important contemporary dance festivals in Italy and Europe. Since 2010 he monthly does lessons at "I.A.L.S." in Rome , an important dancers' training center, in which he proposes his technique and his particular style line grown up in years.

In 2012 he was called by Daniela Rapisarda ,art director of Bologna Celebrazioni thaetre's dance section, supporting her in a big project, the birth of the professional company "Oniin dance company" which has his residence in the same theatre. He signed the choreographies of the show "Corruption".

The dance company was a guest in the biggest international festivals and theaters.

2013 he signed choreographies of “Omaggio a Morricone” with Giancarlo Giannini and Mauro Di Domenico with supervisor of maestro Ennio Morricone.

For Oniin Dance Company Alessandro took care the coreographies of different production: Corruption (2012), Omaggio a Morricone (2012), Oniriko (2013), Phonè (W) (2014), Phonè (M) (2015), Taijitu (2016) and Bataclan/13 (2016) created for the Certificate Program of Peridance Capezio Center, New York.

Some of this pieces were born thanks to the collaboration with the coreographer Daniela Rapisarda.

The company productions and workshops besides standing out in the European dance scene, have been performed in New York, Seoul, Busan, Miami, Hong Kong, Shangai and Fukuoka.

Alessandro is currently working at Peridance Capezio Center and White Wave Dance Company of Young Soon Kim, New York.