CORRUPTION “Corruption”,  a very contemporary theme. On television, on newspapers, in everyday life resounds unceasing the echo of the moral and spiritual degradation of our society’s customs. Corruption was born as a complaint to the socio-cultural moment that the Country is suffering, immorality, induced conformism, standardization of thought, dissimilarity’s repression, and promotion of universal canons and stereotypes.

The choreographers analize this process leading the audience in a chronological journey that starts from the origins, talking about an individual anchored to the  microcosm of the mathernal uterus, perfect Eden where everything has a function and makes sense, and arrives to the desire of revealing the unexplored where he will start to weave the connection with the outside.

When we are born in fact life tributes us with the candor of the purity, soon however humanity dirties this white canvas with messy and multichromatic colors…denaturalizes its essence in a destructive way to satisfy a society.always greedier of interests, giving life to a chaotic fresco where the original candor have difficulty to reemerge. A journey that examines corruption in all its forms,and invites us to not fall in the addiction of thought, actions and ideas…praising the figures that stood out becoming models. To make this happen the choreographers emploied 7 dynamic bodies harmoniously intersected in a suggestive multimedial scenery. The lot ends when the individual, tired and worn out,  looks for shelter and comfort in the origins, in the rediscovery of thatprimordial effluvium from where he craved the evasion so much and for which he now craves the return… the perfect Eden where everything has a function and makes sense.

Direction: Daniela Rapisarda

Choreographers: Daniela Rapisarda & Alessandro Vacca

Dancers: Elisa Solieri, Sara Pennella, Francesco Ciani, Alessio Marchini, Gianluca Battaglia, Myrto Schoinoplokaki

Music: Various Artists

Light Design: Marco Policastro

Video Maker: Roman Testoni

Costume Designer: Daniela Rapisarda

Photographer: Cristiano Castaldi